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I create the images in my studio in an artisanal way: each lino print is meticulously crafted using hand-carved linocut blocks and a traditional printmaking press, the cyanotypes are sensitized by hand and exposed to the Norman sun under a printing frame, and the golden prints are impressed and hand-painted by me. My inspiration stems from various sources including the rich history of art, the profound beauty of nature, and the intriguing world of popular beliefs.

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Unless otherwise stated, I am the author of my linocuts. For added authenticity, most of my linocuts are printed on beautiful handmade paper, bringing depth and a truly artisanal aesthetic to your wall decor.

cyanotype toned with coffee. Notre-Dame Paris.
cyanotype toned with coffee. Notre-Dame Paris.

cyanotypes blue & toned

Step into nostalgia with this collection of vintage look photographs and images from the past. Until the 40s, architects used cyanotype to print their plans. I use it in the same way to reproduce my own drawings or amazing images that have fallen into the public domain.

golden prints

Doesn't a touch of gold create a warm atmosphere? These images are digital prints of my photographs, hand-painted by hand. Their golden hues bring natural elegance, while inviting contemplation.

handpainted prints

This work of colorized prints allows me to bring back to light old photographs, taken between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The paints I use give the images a precious appearance. 
For nostalgic or retro image lovers!

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